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"Who needs stealth when you have a tactical nuclear catapult and plenty of beer?."
Me discussing my usual answer to combat.
Powered Armor makes a wonderful birthday present.

Hey everyone, I'm The Silver Shroud. I've been lurking on this site since around 2013 reading about various works of fiction and their respective tropes. I decided to properly make an account on March 12, 2017. In general, I like anime, movies, cartoons, and video games.

In case you were wondering, my name comes from the fiction superhero in the Fallout universe and more specifically, Fallout 4 where I made a Silver Shroud build and delivered justice from Far Harbor to Nuka World. My favorite build is my Brotherhood of Steel heavy weapons/explosives build with the Nuka-Nuke Launcher and Death from Above being my primary weapons.


Things that I enjoy:



     Live-Action TV 

     Video Games 

     Web Animation 

     Western Animation 

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