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Troper from Philippines. I've discovered into the troping world while researching characters from the Kamen Rider series since this March and become fond of this. Sometimes, TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life. Sad but true.

Favorite fandoms include Tokusatsu, science fiction and video games. I've also written a Metroid/Kamen Rider crossover fic in the form of Metroid: Kamen Rider Generations, then its season two sequel, Metroid: Kamen Rider Generations Vol 2 - Ex-Aid Era feat Cross Ange.


This Troper provides examples of:

Metroid: Kamen Rider Generations and Metroid: Kamen Rider Generations Vol 2 - Ex-Aid Era feat Cross Ange provides examples of:

  • Dysfunction Junction: Before the story began and the formation of the Five-Man Band Space Explorers, Samus aside, the four veteran Kamen Riders — Micchy, Gou, Makoto and Alain have been through a lot of hell in their respective canon series before they were assembled as a team:
    • Samus escapes into the present after destroying a research station overrun with X Parasites and becomes wanted for her actions. She even has out of time issues. Did we also forget that Ridley killed her parents, her home colony is destroyed, having destroyed even Space Pirate-occupied planets, and a massive case of survivor's guilt.
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    • Mitsuzane's hopeless obsession with Mai fractured his friendship with Kouta, to the point he pulls a Face–Heel Turn, and allying with the Overlords in desperate attempts to take Mai for himself and kill Kouta. But, when Kouta pulls a Suicide by Cop and saves Mitsuzane from a a life-draining Lockseed and letting Mai die at the hands of a Back-Alley Doctor Mad Scientist left him emotionally broken. Traumatized and ashamed of his actions. Not only he carries the guilt of the sins he committed, Mitsuzane's personality, since the first Metroid: Kamen Rider Generations turned him brooding and distant, as in he could no longer reconnect to people he used to make friends with (with Zack being an exception), and spends most of the time throwing derisive jokes and trolling Alain when he gets depressed. Even his brother, Takatora is more concerned about getting people to look after Mitsuzane.
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    • Gou's crusade against the Roidmudes was the only way to atone for his father's sins. His attempts to put his family back together backfires as it was revealed that Banno has never cared for his children, seeing them as research subjects. Chase's death was the last straw for Gou to make sure his father begs for his life as he kills him for good. He, like Micchy above who jokes around when depressed, going as far to bicker and troll one another. Gou has an obvious reason to be a Sad Clown not just for himself, but to everyone he cares about, like Mitsuzane and Samus.
    • Makoto and Kanon's mother died, and their father left them for unexplained reasons. Then came Takeru's dad, Ryu who raised the two siblings which in turn became friends with Takeru and Akari, whom they considered a family. Then, a freak accident sent the siblings to the Ganma world.
    • Alain gets thrown out of the Ganma world by Adel when he gets framed for their father's "death". Rather, Adonis gets regressed with a mortal body. It gets even grim when Adel finishes their father off, and Adonis dies in his youngest son's arms.
    • Heck, if you put the former Angelise Ikaruga Misurugi in the same room with both five isolated, and unbalanced individuals analogous to the above — Ange gets stripped off her royal title and exiled to a prison camp upon being exposed as a Norma (Alain), the bigotry and dislike towards the Norma changed her personality drastically given the fact she is one (Gou), becoming an anti-social loner (Makoto), a hardened and pragmatic combatant (Samus) and in turn becoming more cynical and self-destructive, to the point of becoming morally grey (Mitsuzane).
  • Samus Is a Girl: Occasionally happens, averted in the first fic. In Vol. 2, Ange, Tusk, and Momoka learned this the hard way.
    Ange: No, how is that...
    Tusk: It's a... It's a...
    Momoka: IT'S A SHE!
    Ange: You're a woman in that armor all along?!
    Samus: Yes. Do you have a problem with that?
  • Unexpected Character: Ange, Tusk, and Momoka from Cross Ange become main characters and may play a huge role in Vol. 2.

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