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I study death. Preferably yours, though I have no qualms about mine.

I am another unlucky soul who was led here to procrastinate.

The first article I read here was Call a Rabbit a "Smeerp", when I clicked on a link someone inserted into a conversation back at the Urban Dead Wiki. Now I spend large amounts of time, supposedly dedicated to schoolwork, taking long walks.

My handle originates from a term I found in a health book. The term was "thanatology". I had (and still do sort of have) a rather morbid fascination with things having to do with death. Meaning I am also a slight Nightmare Fetishist. Here's what The Other Wiki says about it: (Link).

I played Angela on the The Massive Multi Fandom RPG (S3).

Vandals will be persecuted. Unless they vandalize here.

In the name of all that is good and right! Whoops, wrong one. -Agent Desdendelle, Department of Floaters
  • Why did I only see this now?