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I am a Texan. This would be a good example of Dadaism if I weren't.

I hail from the Metroplex (Dallas/Fort Worth). I'm a grad student; specifically a pedagogy student. It's different from what I expected, but hey - change is good, yes?

I write magazine articles to pay for my textbooks. The money's not all that great, but it makes for interesting party conversation and raised eyebrows at job interviews.


Oh, and I'm a girl. Also, far too many tropes apply to me; it's like I'm in some metafic. It's like I was a bystander at the collision of Deadpan Snarker, Meganekko (even going so far as one roommate dubbing me "The Other Lisa Loeb"), and just to make things interesting I just can't catch a break. But somehow, I have a feeling that everything's going to turn out just fine.

I'm obsessed with Final Fantasy IV-VI. No, seriously. It's kinda my thing.

Hope I don't cause too much trouble here. Let me know if I go overboard; as you can see, I really like linking to Tropes. :D


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