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Cool! My own page!

Well, for starters, I am a teen from the US (18, specifically) who is of a gamer's mind most of the time. Going in detail, My favorite games are the Super Smash Bros series, with Kingdom Hearts not far behind. I also watch movies a lot, Kick-Ass being my favorite so far. I am considered to be a Big Eater, though I have no idea what they are talking about. The name Tech Powah comes from the fact that my knowledge of the video game world (games, consoles, etc) is extensive.


Personality-wise, I tend to be pretty mello about most things, till you play a game with me. For some reason or another, I am concerned about my height (the "I wanna be taller" kind.), despite being near 5'8. It's not that i'm that much shorter than most, just that most're that much taller than me.

Anyway, nice talking to you and don't steal anything.

Tropes that apply to me or aspects of my life:

Big Eater

Determinator: My gaming tends to go like this concerning my personal That One Boss or That One Level.

Does Not Like Guns When Seeing Them In Person

Like Brother and Sister: My cousin, we get confused for direct siblings all the time.

Will be updated when I can.


Please place comments for or about me here. In other words, vandalism goes below.

  • Well, you seem like a swell guy! ~ Folt
  • Hey there, Techy! - MagcargoMan
  • Nice to meet ya Tech! - vgm2

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