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So where do we begin? I'm one of the hundreds who roam the tropes, thanks in part to a close group of friends who started using tropes in their regular vocabulary (and now I do it too). I love reading the pages and adding a touch here and there. Recently I've become a huge follower of the Trope Pantheon, adding several god figures from Quasimodo to Tifa. Thanks to my surfing the Just for Fun page, I also discovered the Fanon Pokedex. So yeah, I like to throw my two cents around, but will back off if asked. I may jump the gun a few times on things, but will try to fix my mistakes when addressed. Hopefully we have fun together.

Oh! I also have a Deviantart page. Most you'll find are pictures and armature fanfiction. If I had to make a suggestion, I would point out Sora's Nightmare which has the most favorites of any of my works.