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There was once a Nerd who stumled upon TV Tropes and spend 8 months reading befor logging in because TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life.
Now I logged in.
Shortly after, I, together with zarpaulus, started the Florence-Ambrose-is-a-Genius meme.
Sadly, still have all the social grace of a coyote on theobromine.
Current projects involve a trope illustration for Genius The Transgression, Informatics studying and several Fanfics (a Perspective Flip Dark Fix Fic of Lion King with a David Xanatos cameo, two Freefall Cast Insert Crossovers: a Girl Genius Elsewhere Continuation and a chronicle in the Seattle of Tomorrow with a minor Monster Mash as well as a very Not Safe For Humanity Plot Hole filling Elsewhere WAFFy Lemon of an Official Couple for The Chronicles Of Ancient Darkness.


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