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A somewhat shy, quiet Armenian from California in his early 20's, who matured but still never quite grew up. Already a published and award-winning writer. Big fan of animation and old slapstick comedy. Probably the only one on here who'd ever start a page for both Cab Calloway and The Kovenant, just to give an idea of the diversity of his interests. Also is using TV Tropes to help with a Sci-Fi/Adventure/Historical/Fantasy novel series he plans on writing. (People ask about the genre of it a lot and it's hard to explain.) He's rather bookish, majoring in Creative Writing and therefore knowledgeable about the craft; thus making TV Tropes the perfect kinda place for him.


Also has a fansite dedicated to An American Tail where he can geek out on it as he pleases. Also shows up on You Tube (where he occasionally posts Youtube Poop) and DeviantArt under the same username. Likes to role play on My Space as well (by making profiles of fictional characters); try and guess which characters he plays after reading through his favorite works.

Surenity is a play on his real name, Suren.

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