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Been an amatuer writer since early childhood and never stopped. Still working towards getting that first novel finished and published. I love the sloppy, informal, natterish style of TV tropes, it contrasts nicely with all those dry tomes on grammer and how to write I have on my bookshelves.

I'm very careful when adding examples to use good editing. Much as I love the natter I refrain from adding to it.


Mostly when adding examples and whatnot I concern myself with Indi-games and reviews/review tropes. We MAKE reviews yet our reviewer tropes are startlingly lacking.

Notches under my Chekhov's Gun (Tropes I have launched)

Please Subscribe to out Channel Let's Mock the Monsters

Other notes about me 25, male, lives in Alaska. Found this site through a forum link to the Nintendo Hard page.

Oh and apparently I don't have the foggyest notion how to make a contributors page. I'll have to look into fixing this later, gots to go to work.


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