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"Hey guys, guess what! Guys? Are you listening? All right. I'M GONNA BE GERARD WAY WHEN I GROW UP!"


I am known, on the internet, as Suki. I'm a teenager of undisclosed origin. I'm somewhere between a total Geek and somewhat of a Perky Goth (Clone #9, if you were wondering) and I also add a little bit of punk in there.


I love music insanely much. My favorite bands or artists are (in alphabetical order):

So, basically, I'm utter lameness but... hey. I'm also in a a band. (I'm Dirnty, if you were wondering).

I'm a writer. I pretend to draw, but I'm really not good at it. Neil Gaiman is my god. I also adore Cory Doctorow, Mark Z. Danielewski, Lemony Snicket, and JK Rowling.

Also, I'm gonna be Gerard Way when if I grow up (and Enoby, you're repulsive.)

That's all folks.

Well, not really.


Works of Suki

With Pages

Without Pages

Asterisks denote unwritten/in planning.
  • The Infamous Adventures of Mindwarp and Eris the Boa Wonder Synopsis 
  • The Supposedly Exciting Adventures of Fall Out Girl (and friends) Synopsis 
  • Compass Rose * Synopsis 
  • The Chronicles of James Pete Smith and Alysia Urie-Ross Synopsis