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My name is Andrew Foose, also known as Stinkoman87 or Volteccer. I am 17 and live in a suburb of Dayton, Ohio. I daydream a lot, but so far none of my works have ever been written down in a acceptable manner (although I am toying with a crossover between Code Geass & Death Note or Code Geass & Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Or all 3 at once.). Maybe one of these days. I created Deadly Doctor and the YKTTW for The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything.


Shows I love ( List will be updated when I get a new show or remember an old one):

Primary daydream characters (all superheroes):

  • Thermal Man: An Ice Person Playing with Fire. Totally The Cape, his parents were teenage superheroes: His fater was Icicle and his mother was Incinerator. Applies powers in creative ways (Convection, ect.) to also basically control weather. Personal favorite and generally The Hero of the story. Also has white hair and red eyes.


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