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Muahahahaha! Greetings, citizens of Coast City! I am StingsDontIt of the Red Lanterns! Look upon your Green Lantern with despair, for this time tomorrow, he will be DEAD!

...okay, for real, though, I'm StingsDontIt. Howyoudoin'? I like comic book superhero universes—DC, Marvel, Valiant, whoever, just keep 'em coming—and I like to talk about them. I also like to create superheroes of my own, and for some reason, the supervillains I create for the DC Universe always end up fighting a Green Lantern of some sort. Not sure why that happens. Maybe I just subconsciously hate Hal Jordan. Admittedly, I am more of a Kyle Rayner and John Stewart guy.


Anyway, come check out my Troper Wall and write things on it.


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