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2018 edit: wow ok this page is seriously outdated. TBU

Hey there everybody, Star Bee here! The username comes from an old Flipnote Hatena alias that kinda stuck. I am 19 as of the last edit and I am still learning things every day. I identify as a Caucasian Roman Catholic girl who likes a lot of cartoons, comics and similar media. Specific things I am interested in can be found below. I try to be respectful towards the beliefs of those around me as long as others do the same. On the wiki itself I've contributed a lot to the Fortuna page and a few odds and ends. I also used to run forum adventure games on the forums, and i'm currently trying to write a book and maybe a few fanfics.

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     Anime and Manga 
  • I admit, i like the style of it way more than it would seem, as I've only watched a few popular shows and some others.
  • My Hero Acadamia is good, though.
  • Yugioh and it's spinoffs, though they're a mixed bag at times

     Video Games 
    Web Original 
     Western Animation