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I've put this off long enough. Once upon I time, I was browsing a pokemon fansite in the school library when I found I link to this place, specially But thou must. And a friendship to last a lifetime was born. Hours upon hours on my life have been spent here and I've got found some great new things to read and play. This site is great for that. Anyway, time for some folders

Meet Fred. Fred's hobbies include getting more pathetic as each game goes by.

    just who the hell are you anyway 
I am a fifteen year old British teen. (As opposed to a 15 year old adult of course). I have a brain of smarts, a mouth of embarrassment and a love for writing. My hobby (singular) is writing. I enjoy my school for the most part, except for the student body.
    right what do you play? 
These are all games I've played at some point, as the folder title points out.

Pikmin (Love it)

Halo (Love it)

Pokemon (ADORE IT, been playing since third gen)


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