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An American autistic male troper who just does whatever he can to improve this place, which often involves fixing clumsy edits (such as misspellings, accidental redlinks to works with pages, etc.) and creating any pages he can for notable works that surprisingly don't have pages.

Not to be confused with Spark Plug Entertainment, Spark Man (or Plug Man), a Spaak, Sparky, Sparkplug, or SPARK BAIT, OOH-HA-HA. I also accept your sincere apology if you misread the "Spark" in my name as "Snark".

I have a troper wall that you can mess around in if you'd like. (I highly doubt you'll bother with it, though.)

Some cool little pages I created ("*" indicates pages I know for sure I technically re-created):

Tropes and indexes launched:



Work pages created:


Anime and Manga

Asian Animation

Comic Books

Eastern Animation

  • Fantadroms
  • Hedgehog in the Fog
  • Me Cvimad Movalnote 

Films - Animated

Films - Live-Action


Live-Action TV



Video Games

Web Animation

Web Comics

Western Animation

Creator pages created:

Other pages created:

Character Sheets Drinking Games Playing With a Trope pages