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Hi, I'm SonicPanther (yes, written like that), and I'm a TV Tropes addict...

I've been stuck here since I first stumbled upon TV Tropes in July 2008. For most of that time until recently, I was a lurker that rarely contributed. I contribute quite a bit now, mostly adding examples of tropes in music and creating/adding to the pages of musicians I like.

Besides music, mediums I love and pay the most attention to here are animation and comics (including anime and manga). My favorite series are Futurama and Death Note, and my favorite band is Anberlin (which I made the page for and Entry Pimp a lot).


My username, by the way, comes from when I was a wee lassie and had a Sonic The Hedgehog fan character who was a panther. Those days are behind me now, so this handle is a little embarrassing now...


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