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Me in countryball form.
You see that flag? That's my emblem. If you see that flag on another site, it's probably my account. (You should still try to make sure though.)

So here's a little game I came up with for the Image Pickin' forums:

  • Earn half a point for getting your caption picked in any IP thread.
  • Earn half a point for a quality upgrade to an existing image.
  • Earn 1 point for getting your image picked in any IP thread.
  • Earn 1 point when your image is kept by IP consensus, regardless of whether it was previously run through IP.
  • Earn 2 points for replacing another image with your own suggestion.
  • Earn 2 points for every prior IP thread on that page that didn't take any action.
  • Earn 4 points for working with an author to get a special TV Tropes only version of an image (e.g. colorized version, HD version, new art, etc.) that gets accepted.
  • Earn 6 points for making your own page image and getting it accepted.
  • Earn 8 points for an accepted image on a page that was previously BUPKIS'd.

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