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So you want to know about me, eh? Very well.

Since this place has links to just about every kind of fiction known to man, I can just link you to stuff I like and you should be able to build a profile of me from there.

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    Anime & Manga 
These days I'm not into anime as much as I used to be but I used to consider it pretty hype. I used to be into Shōnen anime but over time Slice of Life shows (particularly with an all-female or mostly female cast) became my interest.

    Film, Live-Action and Animated 
I'm not a huge movie buff but I do have an affinity for some flicks. Action movies, superhero movies, and stupid humor are usually my go-to genres.

    Live Action TV 
For TV I'm more into animated series but there have been some live action TV shows that I've gotten into over the years.

    Professional Wrestling 
I'm in and out of Professional Wrestling as the mood strikes me. Some of my favorite wrestlers throughout history have been:

    Video Games 
By and large, my most noteworthy hobby is my interest in video games. I spread far and wide when it comes to gaming and it is definitely the most indulged form of fiction I partake in.
  • I'm originally a pretty big Sega fan:
  • Various Capcom franchises.
    • Ace Attorney is probably my favorite non-fighting game franchise from Capcom and one of my favorite franchises in gaming. The universe and characters are timeless.
    • Devil May Cry, although I am not a big fan of 2. Dm C Devil May Cry isn't as bad as some say, conversely.
      • Being cut from the same cloth, the Bayonetta series has also struck a chord with me.
    • I really enjoyed the Mega Man Battle Network series on Game Boy Advance but the rest of the Mega Man franchise hasn't been a landmark series for me.
  • I'm into Rhythm Games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band, although I'm not a huge music aficionado otherwise.
  • Open-world games such as Grand Theft Auto (starting with the 3D era and GTA3) and Sleeping Dogs give me plenty of distraction.
  • Fighting Games are probably my second favorite genre (behind action games) and I'm a frequently in the competitive scene. I like all levels of a fighting game, moreso than the average "hardcore" player, so I delve into the lore that's there as well. I play games from all over the genre because I like to experience as much of it as I can.
    • Street Fighter is my favorite series (both in the genre and from Capcom), due to its traditional design and simple-but-iconic characters. Street Fighter Alpha 3 and Street Fighter III: Third Strike are my top two favorite fighting games.
    • The King of Fighters, with XI being my favorite SNK game to date. Other SNK titles I like are Garou: Mark of the Wolves and NeoGeo Battle Coliseum.
    • Tekken is probably where I play my best game when it comes to fighters (though I prefer 2D fighting games, by and large). My favorite games from this series have thus far been 3 and Tag Tournament 2.
    • The Soul Series is probably my favorite 3D fighting game series due to its true 3D gameplay and fighting mechanics such as the Guard Impact, the first Soul Calibur being my choice for best overall 3D fighting game (having both a robust single player experience and a satisfying combat system).
    • The SNK vs. Capcom series, particularly Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark Of The Millennium, which I consider my third favorite fighting game (behind the aforementioned Alpha 3 and Third Strike). On the subject of other Capcom Vs Whatever games, I like to watch them but I've never been able to hold my own in them.
    • Virtua Fighter, particularly 5: Final Showdown, which has some amazingly hot 3D fighting gameplay. 3: Team Battle isn't bad either.
    • Dead or Alive in recent years.
    • I wasn't that fond of Mortal Kombat as a fighting game series until Mortal Kombat 9, where I felt like the gameplay had become considerably more thoughtful and deep. Otherwise I liked MK for its story, mostly.
    • Killer Instinct due to the 2013 Xbox One game (I had been an outsider-looking-in until then).
  • Racing Games are probably my third favorite genre (behind Action and Fighting) with games such as San Francisco Rush (the Nintendo 64-exclusive Rush 2: Extreme Racing USA at one time being my favorite racing game of all time), Need For Speed (particularly the Underground series, 2005's Most Wanted, and Criterion's games), and Burnout (notably 3: Takedown and Paradise) being my genre favorites. Sim racing games such as the Gran Turismo or Forza Motorsport series aren't as much fun as action racing games but I've still given them a chance.
  • The Uncharted series has been excellent.
  • I like the occasional shooting game. Some fun ones I've played are Vanquish and Max Payne 3.
  • The Metal Gear series for its deep tapestry of plot, although it can be confusing (it's the origin of the "Solid" part of my username). I got hung up on finishing Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots and never went any further in the plot, unfortunately. Someday...
  • Nintendo, while not as substantial as Sega, have also had some gems over the years.