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A lazy, pretentious asshole who aspires to one day write terrible stories that nobody will read. I've made a few pages on this site, mostly for various musicians I like, as well as a number of pages for stories I'm writing that I work on in lieu of actually writing said stories.

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  • Moonchild: My shot at the Great American Novel, an apocalyptic modern fantasy/horror story that has been in the works on and off for almost a decade now. It's a mess of a story, but basically it's about a woman with strange spiritual powers who finds herself at the epicenter of a supernatural apocalypse when a man comes to visit her claiming to be both her estranged biological father and a messenger of God. He claims that the world is about to end and it's her duty to guide humankind through it. It's a Fantasy Americana story in the same vein as something like The Stand or Carnivàle, but with more of a Lovecraftian take on the genre, as well as a mighty Doorstopper in the making. Also included is a Mad Oracle, Apocalypse Anarchy, multiple Apocalypse Cults, multiple Eldritch Abominations, an Evil Tower of Ominousness, Astral Projection, something that looks like Mordor, a Big Badass Battle Sequence, ghosts, and cannibalism. Currently limping along in a manner that resembles progress, but will likely not see the light of day for many years, thankfully for the book reading public. It once had a page on the Unpublished Works section of this site, but I got rid of it when the story changed too much for me to bother writing it all down there. Good riddance.
  • Rurik and Otun: A Miyazaki-esque graphic novel about an abused young boy in a Viking Age village who meets and befriends one of the last remaining ogres in the world. Set in the same universe as Until the Light Takes Us and The Sorrows of Koroviev, but with no connection to the central plot of those comics. It is both the lightest story I've written to date and the one I consider to be the most emotionally resonant, which is not by any means saying a whole lot. Used to have a page on this site too, but, you know, fuck it.
  • Until The Light Takes Us: A grimdark fantasy comic series set in the The Dung Ages version of a Standard Fantasy Setting, centered on two apprentice knights who inadvertently become embroiled in an Ancient Conspiracy while hunting down a ruthless warlord. Features of its Kudzu Plot include a Tome of Eldritch Lore or two, an insane king, a coven of witches, The Fair Folk, at least one Humanoid Abomination, Star-Crossed Lovers, a war, a famine, a plague, a multitude of deaths, and the prophesied end of the world. Divided into multiple volumes, of which this is the first and The Sorrows of Koroviev is the second. The third is as yet unwritten, but will likely be really fucking weird.
  • The Sorrows Of Koroviev: The even more grimdark sequel to Until the Light Takes Us, which sees the main hero/sole survivor of the previous volume blackmailed into doing the bidding of a shady wizard in a theocratic city-state that being ravaged by a horrendous plague and political instability. Tied with Cloud of Forgetting for the most metal thing I've written thus far.
  • The Long War: A dystopian novel with light sci-fi elements set in a Fictional Earth torn by a 31 year global war. Currently I plan for it to be loosely modeled on The Iliad, following a number of soldiers, civilians, and politicians through the last year of the war, with a non-linear style similar to The Things They Carried. This project is almost as old as Moonchild, and has gone through an even larger number of changes. It was started principally because I wanted to make a Constructed World that had no fantasy elements in it whatsoever, while also not being a simple Fantasy Counterpart Culture for the real world. It currently exists mostly as a world building project, and a dumping ground for spare ideas that may eventually blossom into something. Along with Moonchild, it's easily the most ambitious project I've yet conceived. It's like A Song of Ice and Fire with guns!
  • Cloud Of Forgetting: A dark fantasy novella that started off as a fanfiction for Dark Souls but, because I have just a bit too much self-respect to actually write fanfiction, sort of became its own thing along the way, to the point where the only thing it has in common with its source material is the general premise and aesthetic. How artistic! The story is about a nameless undead warrior and the shamaness who frees him from an And I Must Scream fate in an underground prison as they journey across a surreal apocalyptic landscape to an ancient, mythical city, where the shamaness believes she can find a way to cure the curse of undeath and free the souls of the undead from their bodies. It's a bit of a dress rehearsal for Moonchild, but I feel the story's good enough on its own to be worth publishing one day.

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