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Shukmeister lives in Hampton Roads, VA, at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. She spends much of her time doing public safety-oriented stuff, or writing really bad poetry and cheesy romance fiction. She has never used the oven in her kitchen since she bought her house (and is proud of the fact!).

Her favorite Anime influences as a child include Robotech, Star Blazers, and just about anything in the early years that was Macekre'd. Luckily, she has moved on to better fare such as Black Lagoon, Saiyuki, and other bloodthirsty anime.

Literature influences include: Roger Zelazny, Robert Heinlein, Stephen King, Edgar Allen Poe, and most public domain classics. Oh and those little, red-spined monthly Harlequins...

She is a fan of Korean Drama and has spent many an hour squinting at subtitles. She recently expanded into other Asian live-action series, most notably Japanese and Taiwanese.

First forays into the audiovisual world:

  • First 45 record: Dusty Springfield's "Son of a Preacher Man".
  • First 8-track: The Muppet Movie soundtrack
  • First full-length vinyl album: The Empire Strikes Back soundtrack.
  • First CD: Greatest Hits of the Charlie Daniels Band
  • First DVD: Blade Runner The Director's Cut.
  • First mp3 download: "Highway Song" by Blackfoot
  • First Blu-Ray DVD: Tron: Legacy

Finally bought a Blu-Ray system Summer 2011.

She is an example of:

Biggest pet peeve, entries that are not alphabetical.

Contributions to Haiku-Wiki include:

She has started the following pages:

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