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Shadsie is a longtime reader and occasional editor of TV Tropes. She occasionally pops into the forums, but is mostly a mysterious, fleeting presence on the Internet. She is an artist and writer with an extensive collection of original work on Deviant Art and a couple of fantasy novels on Amazon Kindle.

If she is "known" for anything, however, it is her fanfiction. She has been a writer of fanfiction of varying quality since 1998. She's written fanfics for a variety of properties, but has given the most focus to video game based fanfiction since 2007.


Tropes that apply to Shadsie / her works:

  • Alternate Universe - The two fanfic works of hers with Troper Works pages fall into this theme: The Great Desert is a Legend of Zelda Western / Sci-fi and National Anthem is a crossover between Super Smash Bros. and The Hunger Games.
  • Dark Fic - Shadsie has written a variety of different types of fanfic, but has gained some reputation for themes of horror and tragedy.
  • Gen Fic - Most of her fanfics have minimal-to-no romance. Even the fics with pairings tend to be focused upon a greater plot or themes.
  • Mad Hatter - Has a form of bipolar disorder. Tries to use the hypomania in creative ways and generally make the best of a condition she wouldn't wish on her worst enemy.
  • Nightmare Fetishist - Shadsie loves bones and skulls.
  • Old Shame - Lots of it. Leaves older fanfiction online for the sake of nostalgia and to give people something to laugh at. The Great Desert partially falls under Old Shame, even though it is one of her better-known stories.
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  • Skeleton Motif - - Shadsie has a whole sub-gallery at her Deviant Art page dedicated to (legally harvested) animal bones and skulls that she has colorfully painted. She has an obsession with all things skeletal.

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