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Describe Seiryu here. If you dare..... MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

Seiryu is a Deadpan Snarker, frequently noted to be a little strange. Frequently Crazy-Prepared, usually aided by his trusty bike, the RoadRunner, and has been accused of having a Hyperspace Arsenal in his jacket. Occasionally has moments of Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass. Frequently a source of chaos in his friends' lives. His subconscious is out to kill him.


A notable over-dramatic Large Ham. Loves screwing with peoples minds. Happens to drive like a bat out of hell. Happens to cause the reaction "What the hell?" in many people. When not actively participating in his general insanities, he tends to be The Quiet One. A master of the Stealth Hi/Bye. Loves Playing with Fire. Completely insane, and and loves it. Depending on where he falls on the moron/badass scale, could possibly qualify as a Pop-Cultured Badass. Is completely unable to get drunk without singing.

Has been described as looking (and acting) like Dr. House, just without the cane and medical skill. Oddly, his best friends fulfill the positions of Wilson and Cuddy perfectly.

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