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"But then, my stupidity is probably legendary at this point..."

Scooter007, posting a reply on the You Know That Thing Where... boards
Yes, this really is an accurate depiction of me.
What to say about myself? I'm a middle-aged male, living in the Mid-Western United States. But enough about me!

Like many other contributors here, I fancy myself a writer. In fact, for me the biggest appeal of this site is the familiarity of so many tropes — not because I've seen them, but because I've used them myself (see below).

Ever since my first appearance here in late June 2007 I have spent much time poking around, familiarizing myself, sticking my two cents into discussion threads where it's not wanted, and occasionally launching actual tropes — although these days I'm mostly content to add Works/Creators pages and an ocassional Recap.

The background I bring to my contributions is that of a Speculative Fiction geek (Science Fiction or Sci-Fi for those less "hardcore", like me), big 70s/80s music lover, B-Movie nut and classic television fan. Newer TV/music, not so much, but still there. Oh, and a huge fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000.


Comedy? Awesome! Drama? Meh. Incredibly Lame Puns? Whoo-HOOO!

Generally a Splitter, but I've drifted toward Lumper during my time here; something of a Grammar Nazi, and very much a Serial Tweaker. A firm believer in Bizarre And Improbable Giraffe Herding Techniques and the Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment; and I do tend to be somewhat snarky and cynical most of the time. I do it for the bragging rights and a sense of personal satisfaction.


I launched the following tropes:

I also fired off the following Works/Creators pages:

Created bare-bones starter kits for:

Fleshed out the descriptions for:

Provided pages for these MST3K films:

Submitted these Recaps:

Just For Fun: Tropes I Use:

As stated, I am an amateur writer, having co-written a collection of not-entirely-serious adventure stories centered around a team of super-powered/high-tech government agents. The no-doubt innumerable tropes which we have employed in these stories include (but are likely not limited to):

All this, with the local citizenry being none the wiser. Handwaved in one story as the city-dwelling locals being too consumed with their own day-to-day lives to notice.
  • Who Writes This Crap?!?
    "Why do the writers think we're sappy wimps and always give us these cry-baby scenes?"
    "I don't know. Maybe they're making up for something. You can tell these guys have never been married."
    • There's also:
      "Your son's conspiracy theory is becoming more plausible by the moment."
      "Or the writers are taking narcotics."
      The writers threatened to erase his character out of existence if he didn't shape up.
  • Wig, Dress, Accent: The team doesn't do a whole lot of this sort of undecover operation, but they still manage to pull it off on occasion.
  • Women Are Wiser: Zig-zagged; the women on the team have more common sense in one finger than all the men combined, but they are given plenty of "goofy" moments on their own (usually when isolated from the guys).
  • World of Snark: Really, no one escapes unscathed. Not even the writers (although we give as good as we get).
  • You and What Army? "Oh, that army, heh heh. Eep."

...And yes, I really do go by the name "Scooter".

Comare/contrast Mark Scooter.


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