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Link to my Troper Wall!

Welp, this is my Troper page, for what it is. I'm Sam, first of all. I move around a lot, I'm male, and I go between random and fun to serious like that. Aww yeah. Stuffity stuff stuff. Okay, I'm done. x3

I play games, I do artsy things, I roleplay and write and all that good stuff. Woo.

Much of my "writing" could more accurately be called ideas. I have a lot of experience with Roleplay, not all of it good. I play guitar, and I'm an okay artist. I play a lot of games, though much of them are are Triple-A guff because I'm not that cool.


If you really want to understand my personality, go look up descriptions of ENFP and ENTP. Those do a way better job than I ever could.

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     Roleplay Characters Index 

Rick Briggins :: Wasteland Wanderer (Fallout: Sins of our Fathers)

Cameron O'Reilly :: Vault Dweller and Mechanic (Fallout: Sins of our Fathers)

Solus Lethwynd :: Ranger of Stendarr (The Elder Scrolls: Akavir)

Colette Lylvieve Silverblood :: Countess of Septimia, Knight of Akatosh (The Elder Scrolls: Akavir)

Illia Mercusio :: Spymaster of Abel Mon and just Adorable (The Elder Scrolls: Akavir)

Ra'zelan :: Sailor, Privateer, Spy, Ranger, Pirate (The Elder Scrolls: Akavir)

Rheves Deepraed :: Disorder for Justice (The Elder Scrolls: Akavir)

Benjamin Ulysses McKinnely :: Wasteland Gunsmith from the West (Fallout: Ashes of our Fathers)

Hannibal Saul :: Stalking Predator, Hungry for the Legion (Fallout: Ashes of our Fathers)

Ryoko Totsumi :: Sword-Maiden of Shuuja (Iron Hearts: Crimson Dawn)

Silas Leftbridge :: Hidden Rebel, hunting the Dominion (Iron Hearts: Crimson Dawn)

Isabelle Marie Cienna :: Graceful Medic from Lyoncia (Iron Hearts: Crimson Dawn)

Meriwether Tobias Steward :: Gadgeteer Captain of the Skies (Iron Hearts: Crimson Dawn, New Atlantis)

Camas :: Outlaw Gladiator of the North (The Elder Scrolls: Iliac Bay)

Evelyn Lylvieve :: Wandering Bard (The Elder Scrolls: Iliac Bay)

Elijah Keyes :: Engineer and Techie (Space Station 13)

Solus Westwynd :: Marshal of the Greencoats, Ranger (Rise of Kings)

Lucy Grey :: Member of Houses Grey and Kinswanisen, Mother (Rise of Kings)

Braig Renault :: Eldest son of Lord Degaine Renault, Knight (Rise of Kings)

Darius Westwynd :: Mercenary, Forester, Husband (Rise of Kings)

Wulfric Val'Bridget :: Bastard son of William El Bridget, Knight (Rise of Kings)

Solus Westen :: Refugee and Thief (Project Horizon)

Elias Hawksley :: Ranger of Elysion (Rise of Kings)