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Hey, I'm SamJaz. Yep, that's how it's spelt. The name came from me and my older brother sharing an old pokémon game and combining our names for the character. He won the rights to the original name, JardSam.

So, yeah. I started out as a spriter, then got dragged into Fan Fiction by betaing Ravenwingcorps One Eye of the Demon. Eventually, I started writing my own Fan Fics.

The one that made me famous is Persona 3: Fairly English Story. It got its own page here, so I must have done something right, even if I made about 80% of the edits on it.


I've done other Fan Fics too. One of the most notable ones is Time Paradox, a Final Fantasy VII fanfic where a mentally stable Cloud Strife gets sent back in time in an alternate, less than sane universe. Hilarity Ensues. The other one worth mentioning is a Code Geass / Pokemon crossover called Pokémon: Lelouch of the Rebellion. Does What It Says On The Tin, it's basically Code Geass with Pokémon instead of Knightmares. At least, that's how it started, but now it's more Pokémon with Code Geass.

I have a tendency to go Beyond the Impossible. As one troper put it, saying that I take Refuge in Audacity would be putting it lightly. The things I wrote not only Crosses the Line Twice, but I tap into the Speed Force somewhere across the line and ran around it until I warp the line into a conspicuously spiral-looking design... My main weakness as an author is that I tend to create characters who are often MarySues with a three-dimensional personality, but I tend to counter that by doing the same to every other character in a story, and making the characters liked or hated for all the right reasons. One of my proudest achievements was making a Sasuke Uchiha that was actually liked by Sasuke-haters.


So Yeah.

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