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Sally Shears has been a Troper for a few years. Sally’s contributions to TV Tropes pertain mainly to obscure, lesser known franchises. Note that some may have been done under different accounts (due to her losing her password a few times).

Her first major contribution was filling out the majority of the article for The Ice Pirates; the page had previously existed, but was temporarily taken down due to the majority of the tropes listed not being filled out. A longtime fan of the Cult Classic, Shears had little trouble describing how each trope applied to the movie, as well as adding a few. She went on to create the page for Hammerjack, and has contributed a disproportionate amount of the Wild Mass Guesses for Star Trek: Voyager. While reading the biography of Peter Lorre, she contributed much to his page, particularly the “Heartwarming” and “Awesome” sections. Sally Shears is also slightly embarrassed to admit that she is the imbecile who attempted to create a “Lord of the G-Strings” page. It didn’t stay up for long.


By far, the sections of this website Shears contributes to the most are Fridge Brilliance and Wild Mass Guessing, as over-thinking ficiton is a favorite pass-time of hers.


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