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Hello! This is SM Soldier and I would like to say this site is pretty sweet even before I became a member. Anyway, I'm interested in Video Games(Mario and Sonic particularly), Anime(even if I don't watch it often), Science and reading when the time comes. While I take my work (i.e. schoolwork and/or job) seriously, I do take the time to relax. I do not read fanfiction very often (Not that I don't like it; I just do other stuff more.)


Tropes that are associated with me:

Shows I like:

- There's more but I'll leave it at that for space-related reasons.

Game Series/Genres I like:

There could be more, but those are what come up at the top of my head.


Pages that I helped started:

Any visitor is free to vandalize or write random comments here if they please. Bring it!


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