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Hello everyone. I was born on the 4/1/1992 as a male in Italy. I love reading books and mangas and I spend a lot of time on my computer. Sometimes I watch that thing called TV. I found Tv Tropes enterely by accident, but after trying it, I decided to join. Currently I'm helping to translate this wiki to Italian, so if there's someone out there willingly to help, you're welcome.

This troper provides examples of:


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The Da Vinci Code

Angels & Demons

Digital Fortress

Deception Point

Twilight (the whole saga)

Artemis Fowl (reached the fifth book)

Ne Xt

The Art Of War

Notte Prima Degli Esami

Notte Prima Degli Esami Oggi

Anime and Manga

Anime list

Manga list


Destroy All Humans! Favourite of all times

Team Fortress 2

The Elder Scrolls Four Probably the best RPG ever

The Hidden



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