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Hello, ladies, gentlemen, tropers and other assorted Internet lifeforms. I'm Ryusui, and if you've been following the Breath Of Fire 2 Retranslation Project, yes, I'm that Ryusui. Also known as TheRyusui in the rest of teh intarwebz, whenever I find some inconsiderate individual has already taken my name. (Because, you know, I'm the Ryusui, not some pretender to the throne.) GameFAQs users may also know me as Yusuke Urameshi...which, yes, means I've been there long enough to have both a space in my name and to have laid claim to "Yusuke Urameshi" before anyone else.


I also scanlated Liar Game from chapter 98 to 113. You're welcome.

I created the following trope pages:

...and probably a couple more I'm forgetting.

I also created one index that was curiously missing before:

I also named the following tropes (and many, many others; thanks to Earnest for keeping track of these):

And I've officially helped rename one trope:

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