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From Deviant ART and Fan, with the same penname. Known best as a crazy Fan Fic writer for a few different fandoms. Hoped to write for a few other fandoms as well, but barely has the time. You can also call me RF! Note that the name is one word...yeah...

Also the insane mind behind Once Upon A Shooting Star, and all the ideas/oneshots/sagas related to it. I didn't make the page itself, I thank the troper who did, and how pleasantly surprised I was to see others edit/add to it! Now that I'm here, however, I'll be sure to add updates of my own.


Beware my obsessions with certain games that helped birth Shooting Star, as well as my obsession with The Beatles. Their music helps me update any of my current writings, however; it's a proven experiment! Various proven experiments!

What else is there? Twenty-two years old, a Leo/Dragon whose Inner Beatle is in fact a Ringo with a George rising. I'm very nice, sometimes quiet (unless we're talking about Shooting Star or the chibis, who are a long story of their own. A story you may or may not believe, even.), easy to speak to/interact with, and a good designated driver icon forget what I said; never get in a car when I'm driving. NEVER. Beware the short temper, and my impulsive love of speaking before thinking, and all will be well.

She was also Yes, as Herr Wozzeck reminded me, I am, or was, one of the minds behind La Belle before her drive to write in Super Smash Brothers died I decided to move to newer fandoms. And boy do I mean newer!

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