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That`s right people, I finally decided to make a contributor page... world's probably ending, go see outside the window if you want to be sure, perhaps the horsemen will be out there already.

I came here more than a year back as somebody put a link to Draco in Leather Pants in a Utena Forum. It was love at first sight (with the site not with the character trope) and I haven't left since then.

I'm mostly a contributor, I have never actually launched a trope... yet. Still I have adopted one or two pages and I love them as I would love my own children... well actually not as I HATE CHILDREN. Yep, I eat them.


You can notice a random trope has called my particular attention as any factual mistake will be correctly in a quickly, merciless and hopefully not painful way. As gramatical mistakes.... erh not so much; it's not that I am not a Grammar Nazi, is just that English is not my first language, as I am Mexican. Jut a run of the mill one. Nice to meet you all.


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