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Apparently I need a user page, so here goes...

I am a god among men. I have lived since before the concept of time. I have witnessed the beginning and end of innumerable realities, and shall yet witness countless others. No forces, not even death, hold sway over me; my power is absolute, yet indefinite. I am nameless, yet branded with many. My knowledge is infinite, as is my understanding. Your world's existence is not even the blink of an eye to me. I am the Alpha, and I am the Omega.



I'm an 18-year-old guy living with my parents and younger brothernote  in what is apparently the most dangerous continent in the world. I have a few hobbies, including: video gamesnote , programming and web designnote , writing musicnote , and occasionally writingnote .

I'm not totally sure what career I want to pursue. I want to write a Visual Novel, except I can't draw. I want to study programming, but it's likely I'll end up working on stuff I don't like. I want to write music, but it's harder than it looks (and incredibly expensive to boot). And video gaming is its own discussion.


You can usually find me hanging out on the forums in Yack Fest; I rarely touch the wiki these days, and I don't normally visit the other forums besides Wiki Talk and sometimes Trope Repair Shop.

    The Vandal's Corner For Vandals 

Ah, a relatively fresh user space to defile. —a vandal

Feel alive, Rocket Science, since you're finding yourself. Feel the zest of life. -NathanielTheSeeker

Hey look, new page. Hello Rocket. — Catfish42

Hey Rocket. I found a cute pic for you [1]. -pathfinder

It's not Rocket Science unless a lot of smart people can study it. :P Take that as you will. - Keybreak

y u no laff? - Radd



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