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Describe Robrecht here.

Make me!

Ok, fine so that joke's probably as old as the Wiki itself.

Alright then, Robrecht is a Troper.

In fact he's probably, at times, This Troper, That Troper, The Other Troper and any other Troper trope there is.

He enjoys talking about himself in the third person on this wiki. It's a stylistic choice.

He also enjoys tropes and TV Tropes, so naturally he doubly enjoys TVTropes tropes.


Robrecht is somewhat worried with the recent (or to his perception recent) move he likes to call 'people trying to get rid of wiki tropes that annoy them'. He disagrees with the idea that just because a Trope is original to this Wiki and some users are annoyed with the fact that they get used (which is why they are tropes) and that they get used a lot, they are bad and need to stop.


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