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Stuff Not Written By Me

This here be the troperpage of one Rob Soxley. I dunno much 'bout that no-doubt-fine feller, but here's hoping he'll turn out to be a functional, productive member of the wiki.

Rob, if you be readin' this, just click on that "edit" button up thar and erase all this jibber-jabber at yer leisure. Then replace my senseless ramblin' with a proper page about yourself, your dog, and/or your glorious accomplishments on, in, and around the wiki.


Wishing you a happy stay at our fine site! note 

Stuff Written By Me

Uh... wha? Oh, so that's why it turned blue, I guess...

Anyway, yo. I'm Rob Soxley. I steal from the rich and give to the poor, and I hang out in a forest- OK, fine, no I don't. In reality, I'm just a slightly overwhelmed newbie. I just graduated from high school, and ended up wandering onto TV Tropes. And now I'm sort of stuck here.

Not sure what to think of everything yet, but I might end up liking it here. And that's all I can think of for now!


I won't add any myself, but you can if you want.

Vandalism etc.

  • I declare that you are my newbie. I will teach you the strange ways of tvtropes. In time you may surpass me, but for now you are but a student - Rumetzen
    • Sweet! I have a mentor now!

  • You have a Mawaru-Penguindrum avatar. I like you now. — Liberated Liberater
    • You recognised my avatar. I like you now, too.

  • Hai thar! Imma be yur frend. Transaltion: Greetings, my fine fellow. I humbly request your companionship (in a symbolic sense only, if you so wish it, seeing as how we are currently communicating with naught but a series of electronic impulses transmitted through the World Wide Web) upon this fine wiki. -tips a silk tophat- ~GameSpazzer
    • -tips top hat in return- Yes, yes, quite. I look forward to the progression of our friendship.

  • Hello there, Rob! Nice meeting ya! Enjoy your ship, and this place! Inhopeless Guy
    • Hooray, an arranged ship. Still, thanks for the welcome!

  • Hey, Rob Soxley. Let us work hard on our partnership, okay? - DL
    • But of course. Here's hoping that it shall remain agreeable and profitable to the both of us.

  • Heya there Rob Soxley! This is Outhopefulgal! Please take care of the newer newbies okay? :D And please don't eat their islets of Longerhans in the process!
    • Right! ...Wait, when did I become a newbie mentor? I still AM a newbie!
  • Hello Rob! Don't worry, I'm actually a nice enough guy (I hope. That's really for others to decide.), and won't eat your cerebellum much. But seriously, I hope we can get along well and don't resort to murdering each other in our sleep. (Wait, how would we murder each other in our sleep? One of us would have to die first... so the other one wil be killed by a zombie? Would the zombie be intelligent? Would the other person come back as a zombie too?) Anyway, I seem to have gone off on a tangent here, so I apologise most humbly for that. In conclusion, you seem like a pretty nice guy, who I'd like to get along with. I hope our relations with each other can be mutually beneficial. - pyr0h1tman8
    • Thanks! I hope so too! Well... I hope this doesn't end with you and Game Spazzer stealing my organs, at any rate...



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