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Ohai, Rizu here. :3 I enjoy anime, manga, basic weaboo stuff, as well as cooking, and vidya gaems! Lots more, but too lazy to mention em all.

I am a single, red haired (not ginger, mind you. Dyed it all raspberry like) bisexual male currently living in Georgia. :3 (i hate it here ,_,)

I'm super nerdy, and the majority of my time is spent playing the vidya and maintaining my delicious slender body by cooking my own damn food ^-^ Kind of a pervert, but I manage to keep myself under control. UNLESS YOU DON'T WANT ME TO. in which case, thats cool too.

Advertisement: Here is my facebook if you feel like adding me. Female tropers strongly encouraged.

And thaaaaaaaaaaaat's all folks!

¿ʇı sı˙˙˙

-sets page on fire- Also, yay for a fellow A Skylit Drive and A Day To Remember fan! :D -Nekoalexa

Greetings fellow gamer and chef. Coffee? *raises flask* - Bisected8

:B -Rizu

Hey, qt pie. Hmm, wait, too much? ~Bella

I really like the hair. And the vidya interest. And the body...;) XD - Keybreak

How in God's name did I miss you in my rampant vandalism? Oh well, mistake fixed! - Phoenixor