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Female, age 20, beleaguered collegiate, Jesus freak, Tolkien geek. I can’t even remember how I first came across this site two years or so ago, but the rest is history, especially as I have a very dry sense of humor and a deep appreciation for satire and literary analysis.

I'm attempting to introduce my friends and family, who are generally endowed with a healthy dose of Nerd and/or Geek (but mostly branching out in other directions), to this site. So far my results have extended as far as confusion regarding my constant usage of overtly befuddling wiki lingo. I do have one friend who is an occasional peruser of the site (we must admire her fortitude, aye?) who is (too) quietly amused at all of my trope references.


Trope list is indefinitely under construction, because wiki editing is an obsessive hobby of mine. The list of things I like will also come under construction soon—but it’ll be long. C’est divertissement sans fin!

Due to password difficulties, this troper runs a second account on other computers under the moniker Solar East.

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