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"Constable Shoe," said Constable Shoe, when the door to the bootmaker's factory was opened. "Homicide."
"You come 'bout Mr Sonky?" said the troll who'd opened the door. Warm damp air blew out into the street, smelling of incontinent cats and sulfur.
"I mean that I am a zombie," said Reg Shoe. "I find that telling people right away saves embarrassing misunderstandings later on. But coincidentally, yes, we've come about the Allegedly Deceased."

From the moment I read this, I loved Reg. Cool as ice and twice as dead Reg is the best performing undead officer in the Ankh-Morpork City Watch. Also a dead-rights activist.

I however am the guilty party concerning the original versions of the following tropes and articles.

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  1. Absence of Evidence - (From reading Judge Dredd.)
  2. A Good, Old-Fashioned Paint Watching - (Long running YKTTW)
  3. Awesomeness Meter - (Thanks Yatzee)
  4. Bad Liar - (Not one of mine, I swear!)
  5. Backstab Backfire - (Another long running YKTTW)
  6. Black Comedy -(Red link)
  7. Chalk Outline - (One of my How Did We Miss This One moments)
  8. Clandestine Cover - (I saw one and though, hmm, are there others?)
  9. Compromising Memoirs - (When watching Jeeves and Wooster)
  10. Confess in Confidence - (Watching A Touch Of Frost)
  11. Critical Psychoanalysis Failure - (Inspired by a bit of surprisingly good Monk fan fiction)
  12. Damned by Faint Praise - (Not sure why)
  13. Decision Darts - (the page, not the trope.)
  14. Did We Just Have Tea with Cthulhu? - (After it happened in a gaming session.)
  15. Disabled Means Helpless - (Not very well through I am afraid)
  16. The Disease That Shall Not Be Named - (I like war poetry)
  17. Emancipated Child - (No idea why)
  18. Fearless Undead - (Because, well, they are...)
  19. Foreign Money Is Proof of Guilt (an idea that came to me)
  20. Gaslighting - (I YKTTW this only to find that Insanity Ploy already existed. And was advised to replace it.)
  21. I'll Pretend I Didn't Hear That - (Caught myself doing it)
  22. In My Language, That Sounds Like... - (Was not sure this one would float)
  23. Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics - (Red link)
  24. Mad Oracle - (Another How Did We Miss This One moment)
  25. Non-Promotion - (I am a Dilbert fan)
  26. One I Prepared Earlier - (forum spinoff)
  27. Origins Issue - (Came to me from the Judge Dredd ones)
  28. Rugby Is Slaughter - (Thank you Jeeves and Wooster)
  29. Self-Made Man - (A lot resistence here as to if it was just Rags to Riches)
  30. Serving Suggestion - (Another How Did We Miss This One)
  31. Suicide, Not Murder - (Was not sure this had even been done at the time)
  32. Tarot Troubles - (Just noticed it)
  33. Viewers in Mourning - (Archers documentry)
  34. Whammy Bid - (Another How Did We Miss This One)
  35. Wicked Witch - (My first trope, my first How Did We Miss This One)
  36. You Will Be Assimilated - (After a YouTube cartoon binge that took in Men in Black)

     Wry observations and such that do not qualify as tropes but are here nevertheless 
  1. Fete - (Red link)
  2. If I Am Ever Head Of An Alien Monitoring Agency - (For acquiring dangerous genre savvy)
  3. Jack Chick - (that one has kinda exploded)
  4. Official Secrets Act - (Red link)
  5. Sliding Scale of Turn Realism - (Realised we had never clasified it)

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