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I decided to create a page of my own TV Tropes 'article' just to:

  • 1) Clarify that my username is without unnecessary spaces as in here (RedMuseAniMusic);
  • 2) Show my other online friend how I'm called on TV Tropes.

I'm currently on a mission of having one of my works being here on TV Tropes, whether it's some fictional story that I've written (case in point, to be edited), a movie that I made, a cartoon, a webtoon made via GoAnimate or some other stuff! I don't write fan fics though, so I assume it will be harder for me.


However, my first ever story entirely in English, This Timeslot Is Mine, is coming and I am probably willing to be the only one that makes a page and contribute to it. xD It's about a teen boy (which is uncommon for me to write about protagonist boys) who speaks in first person and describes about several best months of his life he had when having his own television station (something like The Simpsons S7 E9 "Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming" but instead with lots of plugging things into Skype and having camera transmit into live-action).


Oh look I have tropes:

  • Author Appeal: I will occasionally stick in references to Muse, nowadays a possibility of referencing Archive will pop up.
  • Catchphrase: Many. Changes accordingly to the mood.
  • Giftedly Bad: I have a really average voice that my heart wants to overpush everywhere, but truly, I do suck at karaokes, especially when the song doesn't fit my capabilities. I still remember the day I butchered a song of OneRepublic in front of my school mates... and they applauded me of my skills... I hate myself.


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