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Hi there! Welcome to a page that may or may not have information regarding Racso.

Okay, it totally does have information.

Racso (that is me and me is he) is a nerd. A giant nerd. In fact he (that is me) once proclaimed that he is the God Of Nerds. In public. At least twice.

But I digress. I'm a very big troper, although usually more of a lurker than an actual poster. Despite my rather bold proclamation above, my interests are primarily focused on anime, television, video games, web videos, and western animation. Only recently have I delved into comics, and I have yet to try tabletop games. I'm also not a big music guy and I don't watch very many movies.


These days, most of time is spent on Journal Roleplay and such.

Still, I'll post what information I can. I'll post 'till it kills me! (although knowing this site...)

You can add tropes, if you want, but please label your entry.

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     Western Animation 


And More!

Vandalism (Darn dirty hoodlums! Gets off me page!)


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