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Greetings! It is I, Psycho Gecko, lord of the skunk apes!

...No...wait, that's not right. I'm not a lord or lady, I am Psycho Gecko, the internet's bareliest known supervillain! Look on my quirks, ye mighty, and despair! I've been described as "over there", "hey you!", and "for God's sake sir, pull up your pants and step away from the Zebra." My origins are currently unknown, lost in enigma. Psh, screw that. I just haven't told the story yet. Anyway, I first began my multidimensional tour in a place called City of Villains. From there, I branched out. Encouraged by my efforts dealing with the Legion Of Nothing, I soon found my way to Worm. And now, I may well be coming to a universe near you. Dun dun dunnn!


When I feel the need to get all dressed up in my supervillainy, you can find me in a set of orange and grey power armor. In particular, the sleeves come with a variety of tricks up them. Chicken grenades, the Nasty Surprise, black eggs, and bananas are surprisingly useful in a variety of situations. When I carry a weapon at all, it is usually the Audio-Aerotech Asphyxiator, an airgun capable of knocking the air out of someone, or Ole Freudy, a buster sword that is perhaps indicative of something. It's on the tip of my tongue, but I just can wrap my head around it. Ah well. Most of the time I prefer hand to hand or knives of various sizes and shapes, though the power armor adds significant oomph to my punches.

It's not the most protective armor out there. Can't even fly in it. What it has are significant illusionary capabilities based on an interesting use of stealth technology and my own unique ability to bond with technology. You know those white out eyes I have outside the suit? Ocular computers that work well with my powers.


That's your best show to guess who I am, too. The nanites I keep for emergency use take awhile to build up and can be quite uncomfortable while working, but I don't need them to fix the occasional hole in the heart. With a little change to programming and a whole lot of time, the little buggers can make me look like anybody. Trust me, it's great to be able to hide looking like any ole Joe Schmo off the street. Oh, I'm sorry, you thought you could tell a supervillain by his superhuman physique?

They won't see me until it's too late.


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