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What's up? You've reached the page of the casual elitist. Or, the elitist casual. Ah, whatever. I just really like Fire Emblem, okay?


  • Anime? Naruto. And Shippuden. But not Boruto.
  • Manga? Fujimori's interpretation of Sigurd's tale, since Oosawa's isn't finished and, while I do actually like Fuyuki's, Fujimori still did the impossible and made Genealogy of the Holy War funny.
  • Video game? Obviously, Fire Emblem. Pertaining to the manga above, I like the Jugdral era specifically, and unlike most fans, YES THIS INCLUDES FIRE EMBLEM: THRACIA 776 OKAY? Salem's just the best.

I don't know how to describe myself trope-wise, so it's up to your interpretation.


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