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Filled in to keep my name blue.

Actually, I've grown up mostly around Chicago, and discovered this site after some links from Darths And Droids, and finally joined as a member ot write some forum posts. Other than this, I prefer to keep personal details as anonymous as possible. I'm somewhat flaky when it comes to spelling, and am not fully aware of a lot of wiki formatting, and generally learn it at the last minute, when I really want to make a change, but I'm slowly figuring things out. Mostly I just add random links and entries here and there, with a few grammar changes, although you are more likely to see me editing the Guild Wars and Darths And Droids pages, plus any pages for something I've taken a passing interest in, plus any related tropes.


I have a blog (that no one reads at the moment, so better promote it..) here:

Pages I've started:

Demigod, although this has been a passing interest, and I've stopped checking it out at the moment.


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