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  • Pocky, sweetheart, I believe I get to be on top... of the page. -Your girlfriend
    • Well, sweetie, I am glad you are on top of my page. — Pocky
  • Hai :3 - Fuzy 2 K
    • Hai! :D - Pocky
  • Good day, miss! I hope you're well! - Noaqiyeum
    • Greeting, sir. I am very well, thank you. - Pocky
  • Greetings! See, I return the favour! -Libris Dedita
    • YAY! ^_^ - Pocky
  • NEEDS MOAR HUGS! -hugs- ~phoenixdaughterAM
    • FIRING HUG CANNON -hugs- - Pocky
  • -Fired from the hug cannon- - Phoenixor
    • -glomps- - Pocky/Poppy
  • I'm on ur page, vandalizing ur stuff and giving you hugz! - DarkConfidant
    • Ohai Dark! Fangz (geddit cos am goffic) for da vandalism! -hugs- - Pocky
    • Don't bite me, Pocky! - DarkConfidant
  • It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine. ~deathpigeon
    • Was wondering where you got my nickname from. — Pocky
  • ... Cracky? How did I not know this? O_o [hugs] - Stolen By Faeries
    • STOLEN! :D -glomps- Do you approve of new handle? — Pocky
  • Still awesome. There isn't even a need for you to get 20 % cooler. :) - kay4today
    • Yay! :D -hugs- — Pocky
  • To hope for the best:
    Should this apocalypse be peaceful, would it still hurt to hope?''
    That beneath the coolest hat there always lies the strangest mind?
    Indeed, thought the Sims, thought it is no time to mope
    The great fire in the bedroom that each morning they find
    • Welcome aboard miss! ~ betterthanstrawberry
      • That is the best poem I have ever read :3 -hugs- — Pocky
  • I couldn't resist... Enjoy your vandalization! - DiurnalBrocolli
    • Yay :3 — Pocky
  • Another page, another name, another...Coffee? *raises flask* - Bisected8
    • Why thank you. -sips coffee- — Pocky
  • Was in the neighborhood, thought I'd stop by and say hi. How are things on your end? :) - X2X
    • Hey! :) Things aren't too bad... Yourself? — Pocky
    • Pretty good. Can't complain. d^.^b — X2X
  • Jodou Shinshu. -the You'll Clean That Up Before You Leave
    • Erm... Wha? — Pocky
  • 'Sup. -Spooky
    • Yo — Pocky
  • -Enters carrying box- Someone order some Vandalism? - SlendidSuit
    • Ah, yes! Just put it there in the corner, next to the dead body bits. — Pocky
  • Pocky, you're a sweetheart. -Indigo12ash
    • -hugs- Thank you :3 — Pocky
  • Telcontar:
    Edelweiss, edelweiss,
    Every morning you greet me,
    As I peacefully bash zombie heads in with heavy school rainbow folders,
    You look happy to meet me.
  • Vandalism, for vandalism's sake! :D -The Mike
    • Thank you! :3 — Pocky
  • HELLO THERE, BIG SIS. :D Inhopelessguy
    • Hello, little brother — Pocky
  • -salutes- Greetings and salutations. —Immi
    • -salutes- Hello! Have a crumpet — Pocky
  • -huggles the Poppy- ^w^ —Tidal_Wave_17
    • -huggles the Tidal- x3 — Poppy
  • Peaceful Apocalypse is best Apocalypse. — Morgikit
    • Of course :3 — Pocky
  • I shall stop this Apocalypse :D — sunember123
    • But... Bringing about the Apocalypse is fun :< — Pocky
    • Erm... I meant the one in that stuffy book! Yours is fine.
    • Oh! Proceed >:D — Pocky
  • You are a beautiful, charming young lady. Have a little love on me. <3 —Alma
    • <3 Returning the love — Pocky
  • Hello, Pocky. — Boxen
    • Greetings — Pocky
  • -illegible scribbling- — Eskay
    • -more scribbling- - Pocky
      • -draws a straight line- — Boxen
      • -uses scribblings to make a music video to an indie rock song-The Mike
  • If you're ever in need of explosives, come to me! I've got the good stuff. :D - TopographicOcean
    • :D — Pocky
  • Hai again~ — Esky
    • Hallo! :D — Pocky
  • All hail the new Overlady of Evil Cuteness! :D -The Mike
    • Bow down to me, mortal! — Pocky
  • Go, super adorable Pocky! -Irene
    • Meeeeeep >///////< — Pocky