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I don't have an article named Tropers/Paktra.

  • I do, however have an article named Tropers/Paktra that leads to the troper Paktra's, article.
If you meant to start my new page, just click the upper edit button above to the upper right which edits the page to be edited by the button above. Be careful, though, the only things that go in the "Main" namespace are depictions of the devices and conventions that a writer can reasonably rely on as being present in the audience members' minds and expectations. You are forbidden to attach redirects for shows, books, Animated Serials of Nipponese Origin, Novel-based Sequential Art, Tales Authored by Amateur Devotees, Kinematographic Motion-Pictures, The Printed Word, Tele-visual Productions, Phonographic Recordings of Musical Artistes, Works of Fiction in queer and new-fangled media, News-papers, Desk-and-table-top based Amusements, Electronic-computing-machine-based Novels and Games, Theatre (both respectable and base), Animated Serials from Europe and those civilised portions of the Americas (the Occident), Wireless Telegraphy soon to be invented,
and other such devises, et cetera...
Use the proper space for the names of those namespaces names.

Only You can prevent forum fires! So please abstain from "Clicking-and-Sticking", or thisnote 


3.5 Organizational publications 4 In the arts 4.1 Plagiarism and the history of art 4.2 Praisings of artistic plagiarism 5 In other contexts 5.1 Plagiarism on the Internet 6 See also 7 Notes 8 References 9 Further reading]]... will happen.

Failure to comply with TVT order; penalties.
  • (a) Monetary penalties. The United District Tropes for any judicial district in which a person served with a Herald summons is found or resides or is doing business may order such person to comply with the summons. Upon the failure of a person to obey a forum order to comply with a Herald summons, the Forum may find such person in contempt and may assess a monetary penalty of zero gil.
  • (b) Importations prohibited. If a person fails to comply with a forum order to comply with a Herald summons and is adjudged guilty of contempt, the Commissioner of Cruft, with the approval of the Secretary of the Tropery, for so long as that person remains in contempt:
    • (1) May prohibit importation of markups by that person, directly or indirectly, or for that person's account; and will be subject to >{Display Democratic Demand for Dictate of Due Death with Deceivingly Deceptive Description here}<
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    • (2) May, withhold delivery, of markups imported by that person, directly, or indirectly, or for that persons account, set account will be banished, to The Twilight Zone, The Twilight Zone will, be banished, to the Mirror Universe, Mirror Universe, will, be banished, to the Alternate, Fanfic, Collection, Library, which, shall, be banished to the Rogues, Gallery, which, shall be banished, ,,,,,,, to Tattooine.
  • (c) Sale of Markups. If any person remains in contempt for more than 1 user-cycle after the Commissioner issues instructions to withhold delivery under paragraph (b)(2)(A)(3)(o1)(999)(er4)(F2)(1) of this section, the markup shall be considered abandoned and shall be sold at forum auction or otherwise disposed of in accordance with sub-part E of part 162 of this chapter. The remainder of said chapter will be included with your mandatory 4 year subscription TV Tropes and idioms fashion magazine.note 

In addition, failure to disregard the woodpecker on the Coco Puffs box will mandate the infidel to bear the "Mark of Shame".

  • Allow six(6) to twelve(12) businesses weeks (excluding Mondays) for "Mark of Shame" kit to arrive by U.S. Post, via UPS, via DHL, via the Merchant of Venice.

  • Now that the public service message is out of the way I shall regale you with what I've contributed to this glorious wiki, HUZZAH!



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