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"ahem" Now, how should I introduce myself...

OK, I got it! Hello everyone, my name is Cory J.G, but I much prefer to be known as Cory of PRIVATE Corp. I am a young writer, in hopes to become a successful writer and many other career opportunities that are in my future. I am currently a writer for fan-fictions, starting out with a big debut of Ed, Edd 'n Eddy: Deadlocked and I have many more ideas along the way, with a sequel to that plus two more stories, and several others in different genres. I am also a certified mechanical draftsman, with an official degree stating that I have passed the exam, and I am currently working on advance machinery building.


I am getting the hang of TV Tropes, and I am learning everyday about what makes it up and what fits where. I am very much a watcher of television, mainly Cartoon Network shows, but occasionally watch Discovery Channel for Mythbusters. I have still a long ways to go if I want to comprehend the idea of tropes, but as time goes by, I'll try to get to know everything and I will be adding my own bits to this very site. It'll be a while, but who knows? I am a pretty fast learner.


Tropes that associate with me:

Things that I don't like:

Series that I like:

Projects of mine:

The Ed, Edd n Eddy Project - a trilogy that features the Eds in three crossovers that expand three separate fields of media. With it all starting with a bizarre dream before a scam going awry, the Eds came closer in order to defeat the greatest threat in their dreams. Now out, the Eds are teaming up with people from another worlds in order to stop a wave of evil infecting the universe. And things wrap up with a trip that expands through time, with a mission that involves the Eds trying to get back before all of reality falls apart.

Flapjack and Nautilus

One Piece

Codename: Kids Next Door

... Jesus crap, I have a ton of work ahead of me. Oh well, I got plenty of time.


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