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Omicronus is a TV Tropes addict that took it upon himself to create a page for himself, seeing as he ends up there about two-thirds of the time he activates his web browser.

He first used the name under 'Stinger Omicron', a name used in the days of his playing Counter-Strike with friends on a LAN in internet cafés during weekends. The name stuck and eventually evolved into 'Stinger Omicronus', and eventually, the 'Stinger' in his CS name was dropped, and the simple moniker 'Omicronus' has been used ever since.

Despite the name 'Omicronus' deriving from use of the actual Greek letter 'Omicron', his personal online symbol is actually a Greek letter 'Phi'. There's no real reasoning behind it other than he likes the design of the letter.

Being a sucker for many feels, he enjoys browsing the Nightmare Fuel, Crowning Moment of Awesome, Funny, and Heartwarming sections, as well as the Tear Jerker sections of anything he is a fan of. And he LOVES spoilers. Oddly enough, hearing of spoilers in any show, book or game that he is a fan of often spurs him to delve into said show, book or game, so that he can see how the end result is achieved.

Please note that this page is continually under construction, as one of his faults is having a headache-inducing attention to detail, and he's looking up specific movies or series that he enjoys and once more getting lost in their tropes.


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