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For TroubledProduction.Film M To Z

  • Speed 2: Cruise Control's production, as noted by Bomb Report, was not a smooth one.
    • After the huge box office numbers its predecessor pulled in, 20th Century Fox executives Bill Mechanic and Peter Chernin was keen on making Speed a franchise, so they greenlit a sequel with a bigger budget and a broader-appealing PG-13 rating. Director Jan de Bont was contractually obligated to return in spite of thoughts of Speed being a one-and-done film, and hundreds of ideas for the story were turned down before he finally went with his own.
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    • The film was written with the expectation that Keanu Reeves would reprise his role as Jack Traven, but he turned it down in favor of staring in The Devil's Advocate. Reeves later went on record stating that the studio was not happy about this and accused them of giving him bad publicity. While Sandra Bullock did return to play Annie Porter, she only did so to get the financing for Hope Floats. Many actors were considered for Reeves' replacement, but Jason Patric ended up getting the role.

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