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This is the page of a guy interested in tropes, probably not unexpected considering where it is found.

Lately, I mainly deal with Video Games, mostly independent ones. I still enjoy literature and some movies, though. Apparently, my taste is rather unrefined (since I greatly like an overproportional amount of the works I read or play), and I have a certain fondness for Lampshade Hanging, Fourth Wall issues and Non Sequiturs.

At TV Tropes, I mostly add tropes I noticed while reading or playing the work in question to its respective article. Since English is not my native language, my edits might occasionally contain grammar or spelling mistakes.

The first trope I can remember noticing is Boring Return Journey, in The Hobbit. I was eight years old or something, and was a bit surprised and irritated about the tendency of the tendency of return journeys to be uneventful. Six years later, I stumbled upon this site... (I was searching the internet for Exit Fate, if I recall correctly.)

I'm using the handle Octagon8 for my edits, as I lost my original handle when my old computer broke.

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