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This icon is correct. I actually am a giant green lizard.

Wow, was this thing out of date! I've made a few chops and changes to it now, but I'll probably rewrite it at some point.

Now: wow, is that line above out of date! I still haven't gotten around to re-writing this thing, either.

A long time reader of TV Tropes, I only decided to become a troper because my friendly rival in pop culture knowledge, this guy, was too. Since then I've become a productive troper, fancrufting all my favorite shows in everywhere I can.


You can read his and mine's send up of fantasy fiction, the Lord of Dragons series by Ephraim B. Smain, here.

I can quote pretty much every line from Scrubs. Oh, and definitely every line from Plan Nine From Outer Space. I'm also proud that I know the difference between Ainur, Maiar and Valar!

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