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I'm not totally sure how I got started in this hell hole, but there's no going back now. What, you want to learn more about me? Little ol' me? Well, I was born among the beavers with a certain feature that makes me wonder if I'm amazing, the best, or just all around perfect. In addition to the above, it might be fair to say that the below describe me, too:

It's worth noting that I wrote these:

My Trash Heap of Favourites:


    Fan Fic 
  • My Immortal: There is only one my eyes have been permitted to peruse. But they traced the words of My Immortal lovingly, for it truly is a work of art.



    Manga and Anime 



    Video Games 

    Visual Novels 


You can write what you please. If it's malicious, then at least make sure that it's spelt correctly and humourous. You can add to the description, I ask that you don't take away. Please don't change my trash heap.